A win for Teri Buhl and Source Protection in New York

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge refused to force Teri Buhl, a freelance reporter, from revealing her sources on a security fraud case.  Justice Frank Perry of the Court held that New York’s tradition of protecting the press and its strong shield law require the protection of freelance reporter Terri Buhl’s sources.  

Furthermore, the Court ordered the unsealing of case, recognizing the First Amendment, New York constitution and common law right of access to judicial proceedings and records.  

Attorneys Mark Bailen and Peter Shapiro from the law firm of Baker Hostetler represented the reporter after receiving support from The Press Freedom Defense Fund.

From Judge Perry’s order:

“[G]iven New York's long tradition of protecting freedom of the press and recognizing the critical role that the press plays in our democratic society, Ms. Buhl, as a professional journalist, is protected by the Shield Law, which was enacted to provide the highest level of protection in the nation for those which gather and report the news and to promote the free flow of newsworthy information to the public.”

Buhl’s attorney Mark Bailien added, “This is an important victory in particular for freelance journalists. They, too, are entitled to all protections afforded journalists.”

You can read the full brief here. More on Teri Buhl’s work can be found on her website.

We are very proud to stand with Teri Buhl and all freelance journalists in their fights to defend their sources, critical to their important reporting.

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