Press Freedom Defense Fund Statement in Support of San Francisco Based Journalist Bryan Carmody

The Press Freedom Defense Fund supports freelance journalist Bryan Carmody in his struggle against the San Francisco Police Department's outrageous and unconstitutional conduct designed to compel him to disclose the identity of a confidential source.  

In an effort to exert maximum pressure on the video freelancer,  a police cohort — armed with a search warrant — tried to break Carmody’s front gate with a sledgehammer, entered his house with guns drawn and handcuffed the video reporter while his house was searched. The police seized notebooks, computers, phones, cameras and other personal property.  Then they obtained a second warrant for Carmody’s office, where they reviewed the contents of two safes.

This unconstitutional intrusion followed Carmody’s refusal to reveal the source of a confidential police report concerning the February 22 death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi.  

Press Freedom Defense Fund Director Jim Risen said, “Mr. Carmody’s notes and equipment should be returned immediately.  The unlawful intrusion by the San Francisco Police Department cannot go unchecked.”

James Risen
Director, Press Freedom Defense Fund

About the Press Freedom Defense Fund

The Press Freedom Defense Fund is part of First Look Media, the media company founded by Pierre Omidyar. The PFDF provides essential legal support for journalists, news organizations, and whistleblowers who are targeted by powerful figures because they have tried to bring to light information that is in the public interest and necessary for a functioning democracy.

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