Press Freedom Defense Fund Statement on Attacks Against Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept Brasil

New York – July 31, 2019 – The Press Freedom Defense Fund stands with our colleagues at The Intercept in condemning the remarks of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who recently threatened The Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald with imprisonment and attacked Greenwald’s 14-year marriage with Brazilian citizen David Miranda as “trickery” protecting Greenwald from deportation. Bolsonaro’s latest comments follow a string of violent threats containing personally identifying details received by Greenwald, executive editor Leandro Dimori, and other members of The Intercept Brasil staff. 

The Intercept Brasil’s reporting has revealed serious misconduct in the country’s Car Wash corruption investigations, including by former judge Sergio Moro, now Bolsonaro’s justice minister. It is unacceptable for figures such as Bolsonaro and Moro to use their positions to intimidate those who would hold them to account. The Intercept Brasil team is pursuing journalism of the utmost public importance under the protection of the Brazilian constitution, and these attacks on journalists threaten the basic freedoms of a democratic society.

“The reason that Bolsonaro is attacking Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept Brasil is because they have been doing outstanding and courageous journalism that has shaken the political establishment in the country,” said James Risen, the director of the Press Freedom Defense Fund. “Bolsonaro is afraid of the truth.”

About the Press Freedom Defense Fund

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